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Roda Grill

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Roda Grill located in Roda Al Bustan is nothing short of a paradise for Steak and ardent sea food fans. The restaurant is modeled to look like a cozy dining space, complete with wooden paneling and hardwood floors. The lights are muted to create a very comfortable and intimate setting. 

The restaurant has a separate dining and a bar area. The bar is equipped with the finest of wines and beverages. We were spoilt for choice between our wines.

We started our dinner with freshly baked bread that was served with 3 spreads – butter, salted butter and olive. I loved the freshly baked bread and the accompaniments.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet Lus , who just made our evening so much better with his warm smile and assistance. Post inquiring on our choice of meals and preference of wine, he suggested Malbec and Bordeaux. Being a bit of a wine novice, I decided to try Malbec and it was an ideal choice.

We ordered for Caesar salad and Roda scallops.

Caesar salad was made live at our table, it was fun to see the salad being made. We chose to have all the ingredients in the salad – romaine lettuce, anchovy, bacon, parmesan, croutons, Caesar salad dressing and finally topped with chicken. The chicken was a bit dry, and on mentioning the same – it was immediately changed to a juicy and tasty version.

It's flattering how the staff is so attentive to your needs.

Roda Scallops is definitely a must try. Prawns and scallops are served in a creamy base of spinach, woodland mushroom and Parmesan. It was buttery and scrumptious. Try the Roda Scallops with the fresh  bread. It was pure foodgasm.

Roda Grill is famous for its steaks and rightly so. We ordered for our steaks based on recommendations given by the staff, and ordered mashed potato and lemon butter sauce to go with them. I opted for the Roda special Braised Angus beef with mushroom pie. 

The steaks were presented on a wooden base, and topped with potato chips. I loved the rustic presentation, and couldn’t wait to gorge. My meat was just the perfect medium rare I love, the lemon butter sauce and mashed potatoes complimented it perfectly. The mushroom pie was served with a crispy golden crust along with Colcannon kale mashed potatoes. It was such a pleasing spread.

The wine, steak, accompaniments, music and ambiance was just perfect.

For dessert we were suggested to try the chocolate soufflé, and I for one, cannot resist anything chocolate and we happily agreed to the suggestion. The soufflé was pure dessert heaven. If you go to Roda Grill, you HAVE to try the chocolate soufflé! It was served in a warm base with vanilla ice cream. The chocolate soufflé was everything a dessert should be. It was soft, moist and delectable. The spoon just slid into the soufflé and combined with the ice cream it was heavenly. You will end up savoring it and forgetting everything else around you – It’s one of the best soufflé I have had, that I even forgot to click pictures post devouring. Every mouthful made me beam. It was the most blissful minutes I have had in a long time. All I wanted was the soufflé, a cozy blanket and isolation with a beautiful view.

The second dessert for the evening were chocolate balls. I loved the theatrics with nitrogen and  served in a ramekin. Every bite was heavenly, and opened up layers of chocolate inside. Both the milk and semi dark chocolate tasted amazing.

We washed our gratifying meal down with green tea and coffee.

I loved how we weren’t rushed with placing our order, or to finish each course. The staff was very attentive and cleared the cutlery and plate post every course. 

Roda Grill is a lovely, quiet place which serves excellent food. Although we did have a bit of confusion initially –  it was all forgotten once Lus stepped in and made our evening at Roda Grill  a memorable one. The staff is very helpful and ensured that everyone was comfortable.

It’s a must visit place, and when you do go – don’t forget the Scallops and most importantly the Chocolate soufflé.


Location:  Ground Level, Roda Al Bustan, Casablanca Road, Al Garhoud, Dubai.
Timings –  12:00 am to 15:30 pm
                   19:00 pm to 23:30 am

Cost: AED 600 for two
Reserve your table at: 042820000

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