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She was a mirror of what she didn’t want to be
Holding her pain and tears, she became ice cold
To everyone around, she seemed normal
But she knew she was changing to someone she didn’t want to be
She grew quieter on the inside
And laughed loudly on the outside, to hush her demons
She knew she was breaking from within, but she held on
She knew she had strength and she made herself hold on to the pain
Little did she realize that the pieces she was holding onto
Were ripping her soul apart

She knew it was time – time to set her soul free
She was prepared to embrace her wounds
She was prepared to bare them out
She realized that her wounds would heal only if she accepted that she was hurt
She exhaled her pain through words that she had hidden
Her tears spoke more than she could express
And her wounds started healing

She let go of the very thing that hurt her, that chained her
That made her feel lonely and suffocated her from within
She was done with her brave front
She was ready to expose her vulnerability and fears
And in doing so, she grew stronger
She emerged as soon she embraced her weakness
As soon as she accepted her faults

She rose
She rose to realize that it’s alright to fall,
It’s alright to break
It’s alright to feel hurt and to be vulnerable
Because, it’s only when you are broken that the light passes through
And when it does – you Shine!

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