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Tabule is an authentic Arabic restaurant located in the lush gardens of Roda Al Murooj. It’s an oasis in middle of the city. As you walk down to Tabule you are left captivated with the gorgeous outdoor setting complete with lights and Arabic music.

Tabule perfectly encompasses simplicity and rich tradition. They have a nice selection of authentic saj, cold mezze and other middle-eastern specialties, such as a live Tabule salad station and different kinds of shisha. They have both outdoor and indoor seating, but owing to the weather we chose to sit outside amidst the beautiful lights. 

What made the outdoor setting even more perfect was the placement of heaters. I'm most comfortable when I'm warm and toasty and the heaters just made the place very warm and comfortable. It was the best of both worlds. 

As soon as walked in, we were greeted warmly by the staff. They were ever so friendly and ensured that we were seated comfortably before placing the menu. Personally, it makes a world of difference when the staff is polite and understand the need to not hurry up their patrons. Both Karim and Sheryl ensured that our time Tabule was comfortable.  

We started off with a refreshing welcome drink and complimentary starters. The lime drink with crushed ice was indeed refreshing. Vine leaves weren't that appetizing, but when they were served as cold mezze, it was better.  

Tabule is known for its live salad station and I couldn’t be more thrilled to start off with the same. Murad, the Outlet manager was more than happy to prepare the salad for us. The use of avocado was intriguing. Murad used a lot of fresh ingredients like parsley, mint, quinoa, avocado etc. I'm a fan of theatrics and completely enjoyed the show. The Tabbouleh was fresh and was just perfect. I loved how the avocado merged with the Tabbouleh and it was scrumptious. 

For our drinks we opted for Wine and it complimented the meal really well. 

For cold mezze, we had Hummus, Moutable, Fatoush, Shanklish, Hindbeh and Vine leaves served with fresh warm bread. 

It was such a delectable spread, leaving me confused as to where to begin. Hummus and Moutable had a nice thick creamy consistency and was perfect with the freshly baked warm bread. 

What I kept going back for was the Fattoush. Fatoush essentially is Levantine bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of Arabic flat bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables. It was fresh with the right amount of crunch. The salad's are definitely a must try especially if you are on a diet and even if you are not. They are so fresh and sapid, that you can't not keep eating them. 

Hindbeh is essentially sautéed chicory leaves. it was my first time trying Hindbeh and I’m so glad I tried it at Tabule. Although it is a side dish, its perfect to scoop up with some bread. 
Vine leaves is a popular vegetarian mezze in Levantine cuisine. Though I’m not really fond of it otherwise, I enjoyed the ones at Tabule. 

For the hot mezze we had Fried Kebbeh, Meat sambousek, cheese sambousek, Batata harra, Soujouk and Spinach Fatayer. 

The lamb kibbeh was crispy and delectable. Both the sambouskek was delectable. Batata Harra was well cooked and seasoned, however it was a little too tangy for my palate but combined with bread it was palatable. 

How could we not eat Saj when at Tabule. We had the meat Saj with cheese and it was the one I kept going back to. It was scrumptious and crispy with the right amount of meat and cheese. It was complete on its own and didn’t need any dip to go with. If you love Levantine cuisine, then you should definitely try the Saj here. 

The lamb soujouk was scrumptious, it's definitely a must try for Lamb meat lovers. It was perfectly cooked. 

Continuing the roll of great dishes we moved to our main course. (it was surprising we did have space after all the food). For our main course we had Levantine Mix Grill. Shish tawook, Oriental Vegetable, & Lamb Tomato. All the mains were sapid, but what stood out was the creamy chicken in white sauce. Succulent pieces of chicken were served in a creamy base. It was simply moreish. 

Levantine grill was served with rice and french fries on the side. It had both Lamb and chicken kebabs, that were well cooked and seasoned. Don't forget to try the grill when you do visit Tabule.

We wound up our wonderful dinner with not one but three desserts. Kareem was ever helpful and assisted with choosing our desert menu. We had Cheese Kunafa, ice cream with candy floss and chocolate with biscuit layer. 

The Tabule Special dessert was a very novel concept. The combination of candy floss and ice cream was definitely something that teased one’s taste buds. I loved the presentation of the dessert - ice cream was hidden under a layer of candy floss topped with pistachio. It was a toothsome dessert. 

The chocolate with biscuit layer looked like a piece of art, one that you feel guilty to destroy. Personally I like my soft and warm chocolate brownies, and this was neither. For those who love their brownies otherwise, would definitely like them. 

What the chocolate with biscuit layer lacked was made up by the Cheese kunafa. It was served in a skillet with sugar syrup. It was the right amount of sweet and was the perfect end to the evening. Cheese Kunafa was apt for the weather, It's one of those desserts, i'd want to curl in my bed with while watching a rom-com.  

Tabule is a hidden gem and is amazing if you want to enjoy a relaxed evening with friends over delectable Levantine cuisine. The service, ambiance, food and presentation are all top notch.


Location:  Roda Al Murooj, Al Saada Street, Downtown Dubai, Dubai.
Timings: 12:00 pm to 02:00 am
Cost: AED 150 for two
Reserve your table at: 043211111

I was invited to Tabule and all views and images are © Urbanmodish, unless stated otherwise.

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