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Hi guys,

I'm not sure how many of you love reading my long essays, but I really do hope you read this till the very end. I was talking to an elderly colleague about depression , and he dismissed it off by saying how its 'fashionable' to be depressed. (yes, I know. It did make me angry too.). I didn't push his opinion away (it's always good to know what people think).

I feel telling something you know, is like repeating what you already know, but listening to someone else is learning something new (ironic, because i'm very talkative).

Coming back to the topic. His dismissal of depression as a fad really got me thinking as to why not many people were open to accepting that they were depressed in his time. I'm sure many faced other mental illness's. Either detected or never realized. That made me think how grateful I was to be a part of our world and a generation which is more open and welcoming to human emotions (at least majority of us are).

A lot of people, are talking about depression, anxiety, panic attacks and are making it seem very normal. Because it is. And if you know someone suffering from any mental illness, the best thing that you can do is to be with them and reassure them that it's going to be fine.

It's imperative to do so, no matter what your feelings are towards that person at that point of time. Because when any of this sets in, your person changes completely. They have to take care of what's going on in their mind first and also what they project. It's like having different voices in their head all talking at the same time. That is chaotic.

Some might be able to explain how they feel, some might not. But it's our responsibility to ensure that they are listened to, calmed and made to feel that they are valued, loved and respected.

Simple, kind words and gestures go a long way. It's so important to reiterate the value of small things. A call, a text, a hug, a kind word letting the person know how valued they are goes a long way.

Some people fight battles that you may know of . When you see them struggling, don't sympathize rather congratulate them on how far they have come, even though it's one tiny step. For them, that one word of encouragement will help them take all the other steps.

Today, we need to be more kind, more patient, more respectful and more Human than anything else.

People are more vulnerable than ever. Hold them close and love them fiercely.

Lots of love and warm hugs.



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