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I’m very skeptical like most of you to try out new skin products, however I’m a total sucker for organic and natural products. When TishTash gave me a goodie bag with Herbal Essentials I was over the moon. Herbal Essentials is 100% natural and it’s made in UAE with imported Himalayan natural ingredients.

Herbal essentials Problem Skin Scrub contains natural clay (Gopichand) – a magnesium iron and aluminum yellow earth – similar to Bentonite along with neem, brahmi, turmeric, basil, walnut shell, sunflower oil, coco palm wax.

It smells very earthy, and oddly enough I felt it smelled like cumin. I loved the fragrance, it had a soothing and relaxing effect.

It comes in n easy to use wide plastic jar with a screw up lid. The texture is that of soft clay with tiny beads which are not harsh, but easily cleanse your skin. You can use it as a scrub or as a mask. I usually apply scrubs as a mask and then scrub em away when dry. Best of both worlds isn't it?

My Review: Since I do have sensitive skin, I take a patch test before generously lathering anything on my face. If the product passes the patch test, it gets slapped on my face. Herbal Essentials problem skin scrub passed the patch test, and was generously applied on my clean face. It took around 15-20 minutes to dry. Usually with clay masks, you feel it drying as it stretches your skin absorbing all excess oils. However, I didn't feel the same with this one. I had to keep checking if the mask dried, which was a plus.

I splashed my face with lukewarm water and then scrubbed away the mask in circular motion, paying more attention to problem areas like my nose, and chin. I scrubbed away gently on my neck in upward motion and loved the soft, smooth and supple effect it left.

I didn't moisturise my skin so as to check if the scrub dries out my skin, and to my surprise it didn't.

You will start noticing the effect post the first use itself. It’s a perfect pamper jar that you could gift yourself or your loved ones, and its calming fragrance will relax your mind as well.

Put on some music and pamper yourself with the Problem Skin scrub for a more radiant YOU!

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