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Hello Beautiful!

Today, I'm going to review the 7 in 1 hair styler set from Elekta - a professional styling tool that gives you versatility with styling to create curls, waves, spirals, volume etc. I'm going to jump straight to the point: This baby is for keeps. It is a boon for messy and lazy manes.

Initially, I wasn't really convinced that it could do what it claims to do - Versatile styling. I own a messy unruly mane, which decides on it's own how it likes to feel. If today you see me with straight tresses, you are bound to see a nest the next day (I'm not even exaggerating). So when any product claims to manage/style my hair, I can't help but laugh at the 'claims'.

So the chances that a compact box with 7 different units of small styling sets were to manage my hair did sound hilarious. My expectations, from the time I received the product till the time I started using it was meh.

I sprayed on a generous amount of heat styling product on my hair and looked at the Elekta 7 in 1 styler not hoping for any miracle. I started with the 'magic curl' brush (Oh, all the brushes have their designated names. But, I'm going to  rename some (all) of them). 

So all you do is attach the styling tool to the unit. You can either be all calm and attach it properly or be like me and almost damage it (either ways it fits). It's easy to attach, however, you will have some initial fails or you may just not.

This is my understanding of the working mechanics of the styling tool. You plug in the hungry monster and it happily blows out hot air which transfers to the attached tool through a vent and then does some magic to your hair. Once you repeat the entire process, your mane tends to look 'oomphiliciious', and lasts long without hair spray (I'm not sure if it's just with my hair).

I did not check the other brushes out until I decided to do a video on the same, which you can find HERE.

The product takes a bit of getting used to. You cannot really expect wonders the first time you use it. However, once you do get the hang of it. It is so wonderful, that you will just want to replace all your styling products with just this one. More so, when you compare its price, you just wouldn't want to think twice (voot voot, I rhymed)

It has a 'lemme dry you hair', 'Push-up', 'shine on', ' curl up', 'wave away', 'loosey woosey curlies', 'comb away' brushes that effortlessly helps you tame your mane.

So here they are:
The hungry monster
The hungry monster, has two switches on it. the lower one is to increase the heat as per your requirement. the above is to attach and detach the units to it.

The 'Comb away' brush looks simple and meh, but don't be fooled by it's ' Hey i'm just a paddle brush' look. This baby straightened my hair and kept the frizz away. 

Similar to the paddle brush, however 'shine away' tends to make your straight but nor poker straight. It makes it look naturally bouncy straight. (If that does make sense)

This baby is my favourite. Oh my God, I cannot tell you how much I loved the loose, out of bed curls you can get from this 'loosey woosey curly'. It's beautiful to say the least.

Look at what it does
So this 'wave away' brush is a bit deceptive. It looks all simple and you might just underestimate what it can do, Until you spot that magic button on it's head. Check the pictures below. This one gets you wavy curls in all dimensions.

Cool huh?

This one is like the 'push-up bra' of the tools. Though it does look like a back scratcher (versatile hehe). It is the best alternative to back combing (yay)

The curl up works like your usual curling irons, and also has a safety stand to protect you from burns. 

The humble 'lemme dry your hair' works just like your blow dryer, but in a compact version.

My advice is to give it some time, let it get used to you and vice versa, and you will definitely love it as I do. Why I keep stressing on the 'getting used to' bit is because I managed to get my hair caught up twice, once in the unit and the other time in the styling tool (sheer clumsiness). So to avoid the trauma and drama of that all, just give it some time. And if clumsy me can actually handle it like a pro (almost), then it would definitely be a piece of cake for you guys.


* The sound (it seems like you are the antagonist in a horror flick).


* Easy to use (once you get the hang of it)
* Effective
* User Friendly
* Wallet friendly
* Versatile styking
* Compact

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