Patiala House

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Patiala house is a compact joint, as is with most food joints in Karama. It boasts of authentic Punjabi food served to exhibit the typical Dhaba concept in North India. When you walk in to the restaurant, you know you are in for a treat. The place is complete with Punjab vibes from the furniture to the walls and stainless steel cutlery.

We started off with their famous Gol gappa’s. The moment they say they are going to get you Gol Gappa, you know you are in a North Indian restaurant. The Gol Gappa’s were served in a stainless steel plate in a self-service pattern. We served ourselves and the first bite of crispy Puri’s and a combination of spicy sweet cold pani was just what we needed to start. The plate got over in a jiffy.

Next we moved on to our starters – Paneer tikka, Green Chicken tikka and Amritsari fish tikka. I have to mention this, the paneer were soft, and literally melted in your mouth – it was just perfect, with pickled onions that complimented the paneer so well. We were asked on our spice levels and I being the spice lover - said a big yes to spicy green Chicken Tikka. Succulent chicken generously coated with spicy green gravy and tastefully served with pickled onions. It was hands down a winner for me. Amritsari fish tikka tasted strongly of carom seeds, which I’m not a huge fan of. Hence the fish tikka’s were a letdown for me. Among the three starters, I would definitely recommend Chicken tikka.

Our main course comprised of Dal Makhani, Chicken methi garlic and Mutton chop masala served with Indian bread (butter nan and plain nan)

I LOVED the Chicken methi garlic which was served in a handi – it was cooked to the right amount with the perfect balance of spices. It was simply foodgasmic. Dal Makhani was served in a mini bucket with oodles of butter ladled on it. Dal is a simple dish, however, I have always felt that it’s the simpler dishes that are harder to make. Dal Makhani was a win-win. It tasted just perfect, and was absolutely mouthwatering.
I didn’t taste the mutton chop masala, but husband loved it.

The butter nan was dripping in Amul butter. For those from India, the taste will take you right back to your childhood of kitchen smelling with Amul butter.

We finished our meal with warm Gulab Jamun served in a dessert bowl. It was a chef’s recommendation and were we glad we didn’t say no. It was the melt in your mouth gulab jamun’s. The one’s you would want to eat during the winters all cuddled up in your blanket.

Patiala house started off with delivery and outdoor catering for over 2,000 pax, and later ventured into restaurant business, and are we glad they did so.

The restaurant may seem small, but the food is made and served wholeheartedly. Service is impeccable with cutlery and plates being laid out promptly post each course. Our server was extremely polite, helpful and ever smiling.

If you aren’t used to Dhaba style service, then get ready for an evening of self service and minimum cutlery as the idea behind Dhaba concept is to have food with your hands.

From what I tried, I would suggest:
Golgappa (AED 8)
Green Chicken Tikka (AED 25)
Methi garlic Chicken
Dal Makhani (AED 18)
Gulab Jamun (AED 8)

Cost for two: Dh90 approximately
Timings: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
              7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Location: Al Karama
Contact: 04 3978639, 0529266020

I was invited to Patiala House and all views and images are © Urbanmodish, unless stated otherwise.

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