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Rasoi Ghar

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Rasoi Ghar is a well-known haven amongst food lovers and more so with vegetarians who love North Indian food. Rasoi Ghar serves traditional Kathiawar cuisine. Kathiawar is a region that is North of Mumbai but South of Rajasthan and the food is an interesting amalgamation of both regions. What I loved about the restaurant is the variation it provides – the menu changes every day and you can visit the restaurant based on your choice of food.

Despite being located in Bur Dubai, the ambiance of Rasoi Ghar is nothing like a typical Karama Cafe. The restaurant is beautifully spaced thus providing the necessary privacy to its patrons. 

As opposed to the typical Thali styled restaurants that serve everything in one go, Rasoi Ghar serves thali as a 3 course meal. You don’t get overwhelmed with all the food spread out for you, but can enjoy each and every bite as you go along.

We began with Keri panna which was served in a tall red glass. I loved the table setting with  three red glasses of varying sizes placed along with home-made pickles (which you definitely have to try) along with cutlery, salt and pepper.

Keri panna made me relive my childhood memories. It was fresh and tangy and just perfect.
We were given a cold compress which was so needed and a server came in with a giant pitcher and a bowl, wherein we could wash our hands (royalty af)

Post that we were served starters of the day which included – Moong Kichu, Makkai roll and Dal Dhokli. The starters were served in small bowls and were served on a long wooden tray. I loved the presentation. Among the three – Moong Kichu was my favorite, and I went in for a second serving.

Our tray was cleared and a huge thali with small bowls were placed on our table. We were served vegetables, which included paneer, potato, and bottle gourd. All the vegetables are either dry fried or curry style with gravy served in little bowls in a Thali style arrangement.

Next the dal’s were filled in one by one. Marwadi Dal, Gujarati Dal, Marwadi Kadhi and Gujarati kadhi were added to the thali. The highlight of the meal were the freshly baked Indian breads, especially the fact that the portions were small and everything had a distinct taste.

I loved the service and hospitality and that the servers kept coming again and again to check if you needed anything else. Even though the portions were small, I was disappointed in my inability to finish the meal.

Our thali’s were cleared and dessert was served in a similar pattern as the starter. Three different types of dessert were served on a wooden tray – Aam ras, Gulab jamun and apple halwa.

I have to mention both the Aam ras and Gulab Jamun. The Gulab Jamun was PERFECT. It was soft as a feather and melted in your mouth. The paani wasn’t too sweet, it was just perfect. As you dive your spoon in the gulab jamun, it breaks without much struggle and it opens it’s perfectly cooked self to let you indulge in its goodness. 

Aam ras made me visualize the Katrina kaif maaza ad, because the taste and freshness it created was similar to the emotions stirred by the ad. It was just the right amount of thickness. Though I was full, I devoured the aam ras like there’s no tomorrow. 

I loved the delectable food, impeccable service and soothing ambiance.


Rasoi Ghar
Location:  Al Karama, Dubai
Timings –  12 Noon to 3:15 PM
                   7 PM to 11:15 PM
Cost: AED 80 for two
Reserve your table at: 04 4535282

I was invited to Rasoi Ghar and all views and images are © Urbanmodish, unless stated otherwise.

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