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Hello Gastronomes,

This post is for those who ‘LOVE FOOD’, because I’m going to talk about a place that serves amazing food and in a way that makes you feel good. I have always felt that the purpose of food is to make one happy, and DXB Grill achieves just that. The presentation, the food, service, drinks, ambiance surpassed my expectations.

As we walked in to DXB Grill located in Millennium Airport Hotel in Garhoud,  we saw an area with the produce on display, and that for a non-vegetarian is surely a delight. As we walked past to the dining area, I couldn’t not notice the contrast. From the bright entrance to the comfortably soothing lights in the dining area. It sets such a relaxed vibe. The setting is perfect especially if you are planning on a romantic dinner.

We were welcomed in by the ever smiling and polite staff to our tables and were graciously joined by Sheryl the assistant marketing manager.

As soon as we were made comfortable we were served welcome drinks. The ginger based drink was so refreshing, it was the perfect start to our evening.

For our appetizers we were highly recommended to try the Caesar salad, and on knowing my love for Sushi, we were also served the Sushi Island (or rather Sushi paradise).

Caesar salad is a personal favorite and hence I didn’t think twice before saying yes, but boy was I in for an amazing surprise. The salad was served unlike any I have ever eaten. A beautiful plate of salad (but where was the salad) was placed in front me and I was speechless (you have to see the images, I hope I have done justice to the presentation). The salad was served inside a giant crispy crouton ball, which reminded me of bature you get back in India, with grilled chicken breast placed on the side. It’s a huge portion, so I would suggest that the salad be shared.

You have to break through to see the luscious romaine lettuce drenched in Caesar dressing. It was pure foodgasm. The chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy and the Caesar salad pumped me up for the rest of the evening.

Sushi Island was Sushi paradise for those who love Sushi. With a wide selection of sushi and sashimi, it just made me only ‘sea’ food.

For the main course we ordered DXB Grill Beef Tenderloin and Canadian Lobster. I can’t choose which I loved more. I can’t be ‘shellfish’ either and hence both the main course dishes were hands down delectable.

Steak was served along with mashed potatoes, jus, garlic, cherry tomatoes and grilled vegetables. We were later on offered salt (6 different types) in case we wanted to season the steak. 

The steak was juicy and divine. The jus was just perfect, mashed potatoes were creamy and luscious and had just that hint of garlic. I dived into my steak and didn’t share at all.

Both my colleague and Sheryl opted for Canadian Lobster, and on tasting I realized why it’s such a hit.  It was served with buttered asparagus, and waffle potatoes.

For dessert we ordered not one, but three different desserts – Chocolate lava (no prizes for guessing whose choice this was), Nutella and Marshmallow heaven and raspberry vanilla parfait. But the surprise of the evening for chocoholic me was the Raspberry parfait.

Though the parfait was initially neglected, it kept catching my attention as it was a vibrant red and was presented like a Christmas tree. With the beautiful reds and greens. I loved how it melted in my mouth and left a heavenly aftertaste.

Both the chocolate lava and Nutella marshmallow couldn’t distract me from my parfait. I would highly recommend you try the parfait. But of course if you love chocolate you have many options.

If you are looking for a restaurant has a unique concept of flavors, casual ambience, enticing a la’carte choices and a soothing pool view, then DXB Grill is your best choice.


Location:  Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai
Timings –  7:00 pm to  12:00 am
Cost: AED 300 for two
Reserve your table at: 047028888

I was invited to DXB Grill and all views and images are © Urbanmodish, unless stated otherwise.

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