COLAB Dry Hair Shampoo

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Hi Guys,

I want to share a new hair product that I have been using from sometime now. I have been using COLAB dry hair shampoo for those days when I run out of time to wash my hair. It's easy and an effective product to revive my hair and give it that extra bounce and refreshed look without actually washing it.

The best part about COLAB dry hair is that it doesn't leave a white residue, and gets absorbed quickly.

But don't let the dry shampoo stay in for longer than two days and it's NOT a permanent solution to Wet shampoo. (Read more HERE)

However, it definitely is a temporary solution to greasy hair when you are running late. It also gives a beautiful volume and added ease in styling your hair. 

Here's how to use the product:

1) Shake the product well before use
2) Section dry hair, and spray from around 15-20 cm.
( I don't prefer massaging my hair with my fingers, as the whole purpose is then lost, read HERE)
3) Brush your hair to evenly spread the residue and style as needed.

Much Love,



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