CromoAroma facial

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It’s essential to take care of one’s skin as that’s something one is going to wear for the rest of their lives. Your skin never lies and is a mirror of one’s emotional and physical well being. If you are stressed, it shows, bad habits like imbalanced food, smoking, drinking all shows visibly on the skin.

Marzia clinic is an Italian skin care brand that believes and adopts holistic healing practices. They have combined their passion for alternate and natural remedies to develop a unique range of skincare treatments. Their first ever DermaBio Molecolare cosmetic line is available in UAE with launch of their CromoAroma facials.

CromoAroma  facial uses a balanced combination of essential oils and color based on individual skin requirements post an assessment. Their focus is not only on the physical but also on the emotional state of the skin.

The oils and treatmenst used are pure, of natural origin, extracted from flowers, fruits, resins  making  them free of  alcohol, paraben, preservatives , mineral, silicone etc .Depending on your skin type and issue – they select color treatment from 5 different colors like Red, orange, green, blue and purple.

The CromoAroma  facial is avaialable at Blush N Curls salon in Qusais, and is priced at AED 499 (prices may vary depending on the treatment). 

The process began with a foot ritual and a questionnaire that was filled to determine  food habits, allergies, lifestyle, etc.

We began with a relaxing back massage.

My therapist Carolin chose the Balancing treatment for me which consists of cleansing with Echinacea cleanser, followed by exfoliation with cheratopeel, then  a sheet mask drenched in hammamelis toner, followed by serum with DermaBio Molecolare, then a relaxing massage with cream balance professional cream and finally face mask using earth powder, essential oils like Ylang ylang, geranium and lemon & cream balance professional cream.

The entire session lasted for  70 minutes, and also included a relaxing head and arm massage.
The Facial not only rejuvenates your skin, but also relaxes you mentally and physically. The soothing aroma of essential oils calms your senses and helps you relax and enjoy the treatment. If you are looking at revitalizing your skin, then the CromoAroma facial is a must try.


Blush N Curls Salon, 
Damascus Street, 
Near Dubai Grand Hotel, 
Al Qusais, Dubai.

I was invited to Blush N curls to try the CromoAroma Facial by Marzia Salon, and all images and opinion are @Urbanmodish unless stated otherwise

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