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Tree of Life

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Hi guys,

I'm so happy to share this beautiful thought with you - Tree of Life (Press release*)

Red Crescent has been working closely with Arabian Centre mall for its Tree of Life campaign since 2012.Together, they have reached out to few hundreds of people over the years thereby, trying to uplift and support the lives of the under-privileged.

Standing tall amidst the waves of gloom, Tree of Life grows in fortitude and casts its light of change on the ones in difficulty and need. Since years, the Tree of Life located in Arabian Center, has been the beacon of hope in the lives of many and will continue to do so this Ramadan.

Driven by the spirit of generosity, the Tree of Life motivates people to donate during this month
of giving. It inspires and gather donors from a wide array of nationalities, faiths, and walks of life
under one roof.

For every contribution made, patrons are invited to light a lamp on the tree; thus, representing a
change made in the lives of the destitute. More lamps on the tree means more lives changed.
Be it money, clothes, books, stationery, toys etc., 

Arabian Center will convey all monetary donations it receives to the Red Crescent, who will then distribute them to refugee camps in Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. The clothes and other items collected at the Arabian Center alone, annually reach more than 40,000 plus people in need across these refugee camps.

Tree of Life initiative has already begun at Arabian Center’s night court area and will continue till the end of Eid holidays. Customers are welcome to donate anytime between 11 AM – 1 AM,

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