3 Happiness Habits

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When we think of happiness, we usually think about our immediate needs. For example, what would make me happy right now, is to have salmon sushi, for you it may be that shoe/ makeup that you have been meaning to buy! The reality is that no matter how scrumptious that sushi may taste or how amazing having that bag/ shoe would make you feel. They are all short lived. We need to be happy in other aspects of life, and if we aren't all these moments are not going to fix how you feel deep inside.

Honestly, I'm no expert at happiness. I have my moments of void and a feeling of eternal mehness (I love being a neologism expert). But what I have understood in my quest is that (cheesy coming up) - No matter what, Happiness is a journey. And as individuals we need to be our own happy meters. Depending on someone to make you happy is beautiful, but that happiness as mentioned is short lived.

As a person, you need to find your own inner happiness. It could be anything (doesn't have to be some major rocket science). 

I want to share a part of my happiness journey with you, knowing that someone is going to benefit through this. No matter what you are going through, and how difficult it is - always remember - This too shall (and will) pass.

Disclaimer: This isn't a quick fix (anything instant is never long term)

----------------------------------------------------- Self Love -----------------------------------------------------

I can already feel your eyes rolling. But wait, read on. 

We always look for someone to love us, to make us feel whole, and to make us 'happy'. 

However, if you do not even love yourself for who you are and for your journey with all it's flaws and strengths, how can someone else? When two individuals come together, no matter what the relationship is - if you think you need the other person to complete you, you are beginning at the wrong foot. You are a complete individual, capable of doing things for yourself that make you happy. No matter what it is - choose yourself and your happiness in situations that make you feel like you are loosing  sense of yourself. 

Self love begins with an understanding and acceptance of who you are, just the way you are. The moment you do that, you will be on a different  level of exhilaration (it's addictive btw)

----------------------------------------------------- Practice Gratitude ------------------------------------------------

I cannot begin to tell you how much this has helped me grow as an individual. Gratitude also entails, not taking people, moments, relationship, memories, experiences for granted. I was in a particular life changing experience wherein I felt that I was at the receiving end of the worst possible. However, when I was placed in a similar situation with many other people going through the same, but at varying levels - I realized how lucky I was.

In other words, you need to be open to people around you and understand that we are all fighting our individual battles. But foremost, we should be grateful that we are alive to fight one. Everyday is a beautiful gift, embrace it and be ready for what life throws at you. I feel God will only give you what you can handle. 

If HE is taking you through troubled waters, it's only because your enemies can't swim.

P:S - When you wake up, take a deep breath or two and be grateful for a new day. 

----------------------------------------------------- Do things you love -----------------------------------------------

This is my favorite bit. If you have always wanted to do something but backed on excuses of how and time and etc. STOP, breathe and write down what you want, and how you can do it. All of us CAN take out time from our schedules to do what we Love, or always wanted to do/learn. All it takes is a first step and an effort.

And most importantly, surround yourself with people who love you for all your whimsical weirdness's and who wouldn't change it for the world. Those are your tribe. Love them hard and love yourself harder.

Remember, you will have days that you feel low and it's not always easy to be happy and find happiness when your mind is screaming away. But at those moments, I hope you have someone you can lean back on and talk to. If you are like me, and find it difficult to talk when you are low,  just write how you feel or find something as an alternative (I go for my long runs, or read a book, or pamper myself silly)

P:P:S - No matter what, believe in yourself, you are one of a kind and are AMAZING.

Lots of Love



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