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So in my hurry to book my ticket, I ended up booking one that landed Tbilisi at around 23:45 (Yep, silly me) So I reminded myself to get a sim card from the airport before I left from Dubai. But the flight delay(from Dubai), and the rude Immigration officer, along with the fact that I reached late in the night messed my cognitive skills (I panicked)

Didn't get my Sim card, neither did I take the bus to the hostel. As is with all airports, you do have Taxi drivers wanting to get that extra cut. I was followed by one Taxi guy (harmless) and finally agreed on a price (BARGAIN, BARGAIN). I jumped into his cab, because there were two locals who were trying to help, and the Indian in me did a huge flip (I was scared and couldn't comprehend why two strangers wanted to help me)

The cab driver dropped me right outside my hostel, however since I was new to  the place it was difficult to figure out where to go. I saw 26 Rustaveli, but there was no indication of a hostel.

The cab driver, tried calling the number of the hostel, but couldn't get through (panicked again). Here is when I realized how deep in shit I actually was and that I may have to sleep on the street (ROFL). As I was trying to convince the Taxi driver to call the hostel again, a cop car pulled up and I almost did a slo-mo run towards them (i write dramatic stories, but I panic pooped). 

The panic pooped person aka me repeated the whole story to both the cops, and literally shoved my Hostel print out in their face (nope, I didn't). I requested (pleaded) them to help me find my hostel (damn you hostel) and they were ever so kind and not only did they find my hostel, they dropped me right till the door (gentlemen). One of them gave me his number, and insisted I call him if i need any assistance when in Georgia (that was the beginning of meeting amazing people and having beautiful experiences in Georgia).

My Day 1 Itinerary (Check here) was all planned and I didn't anticipate that Tbilisi doesn't wake up at 7:00 a.m. (silly me! Also, i wake up early and I was also very excited).

(P:S - I walked a lot today, a lot)

Luckily my roommate was up, and we had an amazing conversation over coffee and our love for coffee. Post that, I went to Fabrika for breakfast (not many choices, but it was fresh and filling). I waited for the alternate tour to start and since I thought as per my itinerary i was to leave for Mtshketa, I carried my backpack along with me (Hello back pain).

But before that I did get a sim for GEL 30 (silly me, would have got it for free at the airport). Since, i did have time to kill till my breakfast I did some walking around myself. 

I had an amazing walking tour around many hidden and not so hidden spots in Tbilisi, with a fun group of people (More info on walking tour HERE) We walked in and around Tbilisi, making notes, exchanging information and eating Georgian food. The best part was inspiring stories from all those amazing people I met - getting to know their cultures, their life back home all made it seem so worthwhile. The walking tour was more of a eye-opener tour for me. Many experiences shared, made my 'problems' seem so insignificant. The more you listen, themore you realise how blessed you are, and how grateful you should be. 

We visited a few churches (They are beautiful) museums, wine making shops (tasted a lot of wine too). But above all that, as mentioned earlier - the idea of meeting new people and walking with complete strangers in the same direction was overwhelming. 

We finished the tour and ended up gorging on some more Georgian food. Since everyone spoke so much about Adjarian Khachapuri, i opted for that and was mighty surprised to see a huge carb bowl loaded with cheese placed in front of me. Boy, that was a tough one to finish, but so delish.

I was to leave for Mtshketa the same day post the walking tour. However, post speaking with the tour guide (can't remember her name). She advised to go the next  morning, and I took her advice. I went back to my Hostel and went looking for a bar or lounge to chill in the evening (spoiler alert). The bars were claustrophobic around Rustavelli and really compact. None of the 'bars' had anything 'bar-like' about them (Well of course, It's Georgia). I searched my next best option (Thank you Google) and headed to old Tbilisi and went to the 'Drunk Owl Cafe'.

I met a few locals on my way to the cafe and they I joined them for a fun evening session of chacha (uggghh) and wine (my rescue hero) and endless conversations about culture, food, food and more food. Georgians are amazing hosts, they love to feed you. I was fed like there was no tomorrow. The group of locals, also helped me with my further plans and dropped me back to the hostel. (My battery conked off, and hence don't have much images to share)

And the moment I hit the bed, I was a happy puppy in dream world, excited for Day 2 of Mtshketa. 

Day 1, was fabulous. I feel eternally blessed and grateful for the memories and people I met. 

Much Love 


The more you move forward, the more you realise why you need to only move ahead.

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