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North Vietnam - Halong Bay

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Halong Bay

For our next leg of Northern Vietnam, I chose to go for a Halong Bay tour. If you visit Hanoi, you MUST go visit Halong bay. It’s so worth it. I booked with Rosa Boutique cruise for a 2 day 1 night experience and it was the best thing ever! We were picked up from our home stay and then went on a 4 hour journey to Halong Bay.

I slept through most of it. There’s something about a nicely moving vehicle and sleep – aaaah bliss!

We arrived at the bay, and there were cruise boats everywhere we looked. People calling out, boats coming in and taking people to the cruise ship (is it a ship). It was a market of boats and ships, but a nicer one.

We waited patiently (or not) for our turn and has a boat take us to our Cruise boat. It was the most beautiful 2 days with breathtaking sceneries, it was so overwhelming and blissful to see the sun set over fluffy clouds. Nature is so beautiful, I just couldn’t have enough of the Limestone Mountains submerged in water, the beauty of all that is just beyond words.

We went kayaking (unfortunately I didn’t have pictures of this). Kayaking was a fun experience. Neither I nor my mom knew how to paddle or swim. I’m hydrophobic and the water ran pretty deep (it’s so hilarious). Anyways, we make our way and started paddling for our dear lives and figured how it worked, and then it was all easy. I felt I have been paddling all my life except when faced with other kayaks (lol).

We had karaoke, cooking class, squid fishing, cave visit, Tai Chi class, and amazing service on the deck. The cave is one the biggest cave, and there are many more still being found. How exciting is that!

Halong Bay was an amazingly beautiful and relaxing experience. If you do come to Hanoi, Halong bay is a must visit. I’m 100% certain you won’t regret it.

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