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Georgia - Day 5 | Mestia

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Hi guys,

If you do travel to Georgia, Mestia HAS to be on your list. HAS TO BE ON YOUR LIST. It’s a picturesque town in Svaneti. It isn’t as well-known as compared to its counterpart Ushuguli. The latter is a UNESCO heritage site. 

However, Mestia is mesmerizingly beautiful.

This quaint town had my heart in knots, as it wrapped itself around my mind and soul. I reached Mestia post an 8-9 hours journey from Kutaisi (GEL 25). The distance and time might want you to give up on Mestia, but don’t do so.

Our Mashrutka went through winding roads and scenic locales and finally stopped on the cobbled roads of Mestia or the main junction. The place looked like a scene out of the Wild Wild West with brown structures everywhere.

I was staying at a beautiful guesthouse and had the whole room to myself complete with a beautiful view of the city. You’d see similar structures everywhere in Mestia– a defensive tower, fortified dwelling held safe within a defensive wall.

The owner of the Guest House, Giorgi, was kind enough to come over to the main junction and take me to the guest house. Mestia was completely unplanned. I reached somewhere around 7:00 - 7:30 pm and was exhausted beyond words. Nearby attractions include Ushuguli, a glacier, a cable car ride and trekking places. I chose neither and decided to relax and take in the city and its chilled vibes.

(Heads up on my lack of direction)

I walked through the beautiful cobbled paths and explored the city and finished with dinner at a restaurant that also had a live entertainment in form of local dance and song routine for its guests. The energy in the restaurant was at an all-time high.

With the band singing Georgian songs, to boys dressed in traditional attires and dancing to it, guests joining in to dance with them, matching their pace step by step. It was a sight to behold.

On my way back, I managed to get lost (again) and bumped into an amazing family from Israel. They were so warm and cordial and were excited to share their adventures. They also volunteered to stay put with me and help me find my way back (cries).  It was beautiful as to how, I ended up meeting amazing people throughout my 10 day trip.

I managed to find my way back and slept off as I was to wake up early for the hike (yay). I slept like a log. The weather was so pleasant, I didn't even check for air con or the fan. I snuggled my way into the cozy blanket and dozed off, almost instantly.

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Much Love 


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