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Georgia - Day 6 | Mestia

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Hey Guys,

This was my second day in Mestia. 

I woke up to the most serene and calming view ever, excited and pumped for what the day had to offer. Since I woke up really early, I made the most of it by sipping on some coffee and spending time with the home owner’s dogs. I LOVE dogs, and these two babies were the most squeezable one’s ever. It was as though two fluffy clouds were walking around on fours.

Most of the dogs is Georgia are bigger in size. There are some common breeds like the Caucasian shepherd, which are bigger than the regular shepherd dogs you see (I need to stop talking about Dogs).

Moving on, we left for the 8 hour (you read that right) hike to the lake equipped with food and water. When he said 8 hours, I mentally fainted and contemplated on my physique and strength (the latter which I do lack). I did a nervous giggle and promised myself that I’d push myself and make it uphill (short-lived).

The road uphill was steep, which is just an indicator to let you know that I ignored my previous statement even before trying. Giorgi, an experienced and seasonal hiker was definitely fascinated (read: disgusted), that I started panting in the first 20 minutes itself. However, I haven’t seen such an encouraging, supportive and patient guide ever. He was so kind and may have already grasped my lack of physical strength.

Uphill, was a beautiful journey which included 87259446565544646513556564 , 2 minute breaks. But the view, the clean spring water, the company all made it a fun and an experience I'd always cherish. We (I) huffed and puffed and walked uphill through winding lanes, houses (secluded at the top), dirt tracks, pebble tracks, and rocky terrains (aka bigger pebbles).

I was excited with the prospect of drinking water from the waterfall, and that was one of the pit stops where we had crisp ice cold water. It tasted so fresh and unlike what I have had. We reached a main pit stop, wherein we decided to have lunch and then proceed. A shade structure that overlooked a giant iron cross was a considerate stop to rest and move. 

We sat there for some time, ate our lunch and joined in with a singing and dancing session with another group.

The lake was another 3 hours to go (in my case 5 hours), and since we were running short of time and breath we decided to head back through another trail. it was filled with flowers and was nothing short of a fairy tale, and I also spotted a cute little house nestled cozily amidst trees generously covering it up. It was an abandoned house, and so we decided to explore the quaint house and its surroundings.

The hike downwards was easier and much faster with one stop. We just continued amidst conversation, and picking flowers and making a flower crown. It was fun and downright crazy. But oodles of fun. 

We reached back and I requested to go on top of the tower. We sat there for a good amount of time. The stillness of it all, the way nature danced and changed colors in front of us. That very moment was breathtakingly beautiful. I felt so grateful and full of happy emotions at the sight of nature. It was inexplicable.

If you plan on visiting Mestia, stay at the Goshteliani guest house and get in touch with Giorgi. His mama makes the nest bread and coffee.

Mestia will always be close to my heart. It’s a place I had gone unprepared, but loved every bit of it.

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